sf2::Preset Class Reference

#include <SF.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Preset (sf2::File *pFile, RIFF::Chunk *ck)
 ~Preset ()
void LoadRegions (int idx1, int idx2)
 Load all regions (zones, bags) in the range idx1 - idx2.
RegionCreateRegion ()
sf2::FileGetFile ()
String GetName ()
int GetRegionCount ()
RegionGetRegion (int idx)

Public Attributes

uint16_t PresetNum
uint16_t Bank
uint32_t Library
uint32_t Genre
uint32_t Morphology
uint16_t PresetBagNdx
String Name

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Region * > regions

Detailed Description

Definition at line 488 of file SF.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sf2::Preset::Preset ( sf2::File pFile,
RIFF::Chunk ck 

Definition at line 793 of file SF.cpp.

References Bank, Genre, Library, sf2::LoadString(), Morphology, sf2::InstrumentBase::Name, pFile, PresetBagNdx, PresetNum, RIFF::Chunk::ReadInt16(), and RIFF::Chunk::ReadInt32().

sf2::Preset::~Preset (  ) 

Definition at line 804 of file SF.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void sf2::Preset::LoadRegions ( int  idx1,
int  idx2 

Load all regions (zones, bags) in the range idx1 - idx2.

Definition at line 848 of file SF.cpp.

References CreateRegion(), pFile, sf2::InstrumentBase::pGlobalRegion, sf2::Region::pInstrument, sf2::File::PresetBags, sf2::File::PresetGenLists, sf2::InstrumentBase::regions, and sf2::Region::SetGenerator().

Region * sf2::Preset::CreateRegion (  ) 

Definition at line 807 of file SF.cpp.

References sf2::Region::coarseTune, sf2::Region::delayModLfo, sf2::Region::delayVibLfo, sf2::Region::EG1Attack, sf2::Region::EG1Decay, sf2::Region::EG1Hold, sf2::Region::EG1PreAttackDelay, sf2::Region::EG1Release, sf2::Region::EG1Sustain, sf2::Region::EG2Attack, sf2::Region::EG2Decay, sf2::Region::EG2Hold, sf2::Region::EG2PreAttackDelay, sf2::Region::EG2Release, sf2::Region::EG2Sustain, sf2::Region::fineTune, sf2::Region::freqModLfo, sf2::Region::freqVibLfo, sf2::Region::modEnvToFilterFc, sf2::Region::modEnvToPitch, sf2::Region::modLfoToFilterFc, sf2::Region::modLfoToPitch, sf2::Region::modLfoToVolume, sf2::Region::pan, sf2::InstrumentBase::pGlobalRegion, and sf2::Region::vibLfoToPitch.

Referenced by LoadRegions().

sf2::File* sf2::InstrumentBase::GetFile (  )  [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 447 of file SF.h.

References sf2::InstrumentBase::pFile.

String sf2::InstrumentBase::GetName (  )  [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 448 of file SF.h.

References sf2::InstrumentBase::Name.

int sf2::InstrumentBase::GetRegionCount (  )  [inherited]

Definition at line 648 of file SF.cpp.

References sf2::InstrumentBase::regions.

Referenced by sf2::InstrumentBase::GetRegion(), and sf2::Query::next().

Region * sf2::InstrumentBase::GetRegion ( int  idx  )  [inherited]

Definition at line 652 of file SF.cpp.

References sf2::InstrumentBase::GetRegionCount(), and sf2::InstrumentBase::regions.

Referenced by sf2::File::DeleteInstrument(), and sf2::Query::next().

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t sf2::Preset::PresetNum

Definition at line 490 of file SF.h.

Referenced by Preset().

uint16_t sf2::Preset::Bank

Definition at line 491 of file SF.h.

Referenced by Preset().

uint32_t sf2::Preset::Library

Definition at line 492 of file SF.h.

Referenced by Preset().

uint32_t sf2::Preset::Genre

Definition at line 493 of file SF.h.

Referenced by Preset().

uint32_t sf2::Preset::Morphology

Definition at line 494 of file SF.h.

Referenced by Preset().

sf2::File* sf2::Preset::pFile

Reimplemented from sf2::InstrumentBase.

Definition at line 500 of file SF.h.

Referenced by LoadRegions(), and Preset().

uint16_t sf2::Preset::PresetBagNdx

Definition at line 501 of file SF.h.

Referenced by Preset().

String sf2::InstrumentBase::Name [inherited]

Definition at line 441 of file SF.h.

Referenced by sf2::InstrumentBase::GetName(), sf2::Instrument::Instrument(), and Preset().

Region* sf2::InstrumentBase::pGlobalRegion [inherited]

Definition at line 442 of file SF.h.

Referenced by CreateRegion(), sf2::Instrument::CreateRegion(), sf2::InstrumentBase::InstrumentBase(), LoadRegions(), sf2::Instrument::LoadRegions(), and sf2::InstrumentBase::~InstrumentBase().

std::vector<Region*> sf2::InstrumentBase::regions [protected, inherited]

Definition at line 454 of file SF.h.

Referenced by sf2::Instrument::DeleteRegion(), sf2::InstrumentBase::GetRegion(), sf2::InstrumentBase::GetRegionCount(), LoadRegions(), sf2::Instrument::LoadRegions(), and sf2::InstrumentBase::~InstrumentBase().

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