libgig is a C++ library for loading, modifying existing and creating new Gigasampler files (of both the old version 2 and the latest version 3 of the Gigasampler format) and DLS (Downloadable Sounds) Level 1 & 2 files.

The library actually consists of three parts:

So one can also use this library to access all kinds of RIFF files and DLS files, but the main focus (as one can obviously derive from the library name) is currently the Gigasampler format.


libgig and its tools are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Beside the actual library there are four example applications which demonstrate how to use the library:

Since version 3.0.0 libgig also provides write support, that is for creating modifying .gig, DLS and RIFF files. You can find a test case called GigWriteTest.cpp which demonstrates how to create a .gig file with libgig. You find other demo apps regarding write support of libgig on the website.


This library is developed and optimized for POSIX compliant operating systems like Linux and OSX and since release 3.1.1 for Windows as well. libgig was developed to compile on any operating system, though since release 3.0.0 libgig uses one tiny operating system dependant method to be able to resize files. Should be a 5 minute job to implement this method for other operating systems as well though.


For compilation instructions, requirements and further details please refer to the README file et al.

That's all folks. Happy hacking!

-- Christian Schoenebeck <>

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