gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger Class Reference

MIDI rule for triggering notes by control change events. More...

#include <gig.h>

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Public Attributes

uint8_t ControllerNumber
 MIDI controller number.
uint8_t Triggers
 Number of triggers.
gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t pTriggers [32]

Protected Member Functions

 MidiRuleCtrlTrigger (RIFF::Chunk *_3ewg)


class Instrument


struct  trigger_t

Detailed Description

MIDI rule for triggering notes by control change events.

Definition at line 647 of file gig.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger ( RIFF::Chunk _3ewg  )  [protected]

Definition at line 2933 of file gig.cpp.

References ControllerNumber, gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t::Descending, gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t::Key, gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t::NoteOff, gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t::OverridePedal, pTriggers, RIFF::Chunk::ReadUint8(), RIFF::Chunk::SetPos(), Triggers, gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t::Velocity, and gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t::VelSensitivity.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Instrument [friend]

Definition at line 663 of file gig.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::ControllerNumber

MIDI controller number.

Definition at line 649 of file gig.h.

Referenced by MidiRuleCtrlTrigger().

uint8_t gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::Triggers

Number of triggers.

Definition at line 650 of file gig.h.

Referenced by MidiRuleCtrlTrigger().

struct gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::trigger_t gig::MidiRuleCtrlTrigger::pTriggers[32]

Referenced by MidiRuleCtrlTrigger().

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