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sf2::Region Class Reference

Instrument zone. More...

#include <SF.h>

Public Member Functions

Sample * GetSample ()
RegionGetParent ()
int GetUnityNote ()
Instrument * GetParentInstrument ()
int GetPan (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetFineTune (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetCoarseTune (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG1PreAttackDelay (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG1Attack (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG1Hold (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG1Decay (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetEG1Sustain (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG1Release (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG2PreAttackDelay (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG2Attack (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG2Hold (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG2Decay (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetEG2Sustain (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetEG2Release (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetModEnvToPitch (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetModLfoToPitch (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetModEnvToFilterFc (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetModLfoToFilterFc (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetModLfoToVolume (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetFreqModLfo (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetDelayModLfo (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetVibLfoToPitch (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetFreqVibLfo (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
double GetDelayVibLfo (Region *pPresetRegion=NULL)
int GetInitialFilterFc (Region *pPresetRegion)
int GetInitialFilterQ (Region *pPresetRegion)

Public Attributes

int loKey
int hiKey
int minVel
int maxVel
int pan
int fineTune
int coarseTune
int overridingRootKey
int startAddrsOffset
int startAddrsCoarseOffset
int endAddrsOffset
int endAddrsCoarseOffset
int startloopAddrsOffset
int startloopAddrsCoarseOffset
int endloopAddrsOffset
int endloopAddrsCoarseOffset
int modEnvToPitch
int modLfoToPitch
int modEnvToFilterFc
int modLfoToFilterFc
int modLfoToVolume
int freqModLfo
int delayModLfo
int vibLfoToPitch
int freqVibLfo
int delayVibLfo
int initialFilterFc
int initialFilterQ
uint exclusiveClass
Sample * pSample
bool HasLoop
uint LoopStart
uint LoopEnd
Instrument * pInstrument
std::vector< ModulatorItem > modulators

Detailed Description

Instrument zone.

Definition at line 355 of file SF.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetParentInstrument()

Instrument* sf2::Region::GetParentInstrument ( )
The instrument to which this region belongs, or NULL if it's preset region.

Definition at line 391 of file SF.h.

References sf2::libraryName(), and sf2::libraryVersion().

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